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Men and women are different, and this also goes when it comes to workout schemes. Although there are exercises that both sexes do, women usually want to focus more on certain parts of the body, such as inner thighs, then on pectoral muscles, for example. This is why we prepared you 6 best exercises for women that will primarily help you tighten your stomach, booty, and thighs.

Cardio Exercise

Make sure to include a type of cardio exercise into your workout program. Whether you go for a run on the beach, use bike or treadmill, these exercises will help you burn unwanted calories and get your body in order. You can try a neat trick to challenge your body and burn additional calories – if we assume you are at 50% of the maximum effort most of the time, include 10 seconds of your greatest possible effort and 20 seconds of your 75% effort every couple of minutes. To refer you to a good clinic go to browns plains medical centre it has some of the best doctors in the brisbane region that will help you more with your general health checks and exercise plans.


Simplicity is the key, at least when it comes to tightening your rear. Find a bench and lift your leg on it, making sure you have a firm hold. Now, lift your body until your leg is completely straight and then return to starting positions. Repeat at least 10 times and alternate legs. This is great for your hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps.

Side Plank

If you need help with your waistline, this is the exercise for you. Unlike other abs exercises, side plank works on abdominal muscles they don’t cover, such as obliques. Lie on your right side and keep your knees straight. Lift your upper body on forearm and elbow (the right one, also). Start raising your hips and hold for 30 seconds when your body is in a straight line. Alternate sides and repeat.

Single Leg Deadlift