Do you really need a electric can opener? Whats the best one?

Today, my smartphone is my most prized possession. I couldn’t, nor would I even want to, imagine my life without it. But just a decade ago, smartphones didn’t even exist. So, it’s rather ironic that I live and breathe technology every day and yet, I still haven’t used best electric can opener 2016.I wake up, check my emails on my tablet, scroll through the previous night’s social media feed on my phone and play some tunes from my laptop via my Bluetooth headset. Then, I go downstairs to make myself a quick breakfast only to struggle with primeval methods of opening my cans. Yes, I’m still using a knife!

Now I’m not saying that electric can openers are a necessity, but they can be useful. Older people tend to look down on modern technology as unnecessary and irrelevant compared to their traditional methods. This is understandable as electric can openers function on the same principle as the manual models; the only difference being that the electric model does all the work for you. This won’t appear as such a significant benefit to some individuals, considering the only work that a manual model entails is holding a can and rotating a lever. Nonetheless, there are various underlying benefits belonging to electric can openers that prove they are not merely irrelevant. This site does universal remote reviews best electric can opener check it out for more info!

Reasons why I’m considering an electric can opener


Turns out electric can openers aren’t just forinfomercial watching housewives but are also recommended for their arthritis-friendly features, when compared to the traditional manual can opener. Though the holding of a can and rotating of a lever seems fairly simple and stress-free, many people with arthritis struggle to use conventional manual models.


Technology is advancing rapidly and I as a blog-writer need to keep up with the trends. Can you imagine a world where you wake up, check emails and activate your coffee machine from your wristwatch, before heading to the kitchen but you’re still using a knife to open your canned food?


While a manual can opener can only be used for opening cans, electric can openers typically have other features, such as a bottle opener or a knife sharpener.


Electric can openers are not only here to save us the time, but more importantly, the occasional and extremely painful blood-dripping finger


Contrary to popular belief, not all electric appliances have to be expensive to be efficient. For instance, Walmart sells a number of affordable electric can openers under $20. These include:


Proctorsilex 75224F Can Electric Can Opener

BLACK+DECKER Electric Can Opener and Knife Sharpener, EC475W-2

Black & Decker Can Opener with Knife Sharpener



I must admit, it is unfortunate that so far technology hasn’t found ways to Bluetooth me a burger.  Because when it does, electric can openers would become another unfamiliar and idle kitchen tool collecting dust at the back of a drawer. But for now, if your kitchen appliances are still rather ancient and your methods still primeval exhausting, perhaps it’s time to consider investing in an electric can opener.