What is an electric can opener and which one is the best in 2017?

What is a can opener:

A can opener is an instrument used to open metal cans. Food items are mostly preserved in metallic cans so you must have a can opener to conveniently open the cans. Can openers are usually categorized into two categories including

  • Manual can opener
  • Electric can opener

Most ancient can openers were manually operated but with the advent of technology, electric can openers also came in.

  • Manual Can Opener:

Manually operated can openers are of various types, each having its own pros and cons. Some well known types include,

  • Lever-type can opener
  • Rotating wheel opener
  • Church key
  • Lever-type can opener:

A lever-type can opener consists of a sickle, you can insert in can and saw around its edges. A guard is present to prevent the sickle penetrating too far in can. You can replace worn out parts of opener especially sickle.

  • Rotating wheel opener:

You can pierce the can in its centre using metal rod of can opener. Then, length of lever can be adjusted to fit the can size and the lever fixed with the wingnut. The top covering of can be removed by pressing cutting wheel into the can near edge and rotating it along can’s rim.

  • Church key:

Church key is simply a manually operated device for piercing the lid of a glass bottle. It resembles a large key as its name indicates.

  • Electric can opener:

During past few decades electric opener of can has replaced manual can opener due to its luxuries. Its goal is same with various designs, colors and features. Some can openers are with countertop designs while some can be mounted underneath cabinets. Electric opener of can leaves perfectly smooth edges on the can after removal of lid. You can read buyer’s guide to find the electric can opener that can fulfill all your needs and your kitchen décor too while remaining within your budget.

Types of electric can opener:

You can find various styles of electric can opener available in market. All the models have their specific features as well.

  • Countertop electric can opener
  • Handheld electric can opener
  • Under-the-cabinet
  • Countertop electric can opener:

The most widely recognized style of electric opener of can sits right on the counter in an upright position. A few people forget them and others put them away until they are required. Electric opener do the same task as manual can opener but the difference is that the system is done naturally and not by hands. A little engine operates a gear that turns the wheel and turns the can while the blade cut the lid.

  • Handheld electric can opener:

Handheld models can either have wires or wireless. Wireless assembly of electric can opener is more convenient to utilize and store. Some are battery assisted and others have charging base.

  • Under-the-cabinet:

This style of electric opener of can is for all time mounted to the base of a kitchen cupboard. They don’t take up any extra counter space and don’t need to store away. Many of these models have bottle opener, jar opener and plastic bag slitters built in them which make them multifunctional. The only disadvantage of this type is that it is difficult to clean and repair.

Some common features of electric opener of can are knife sharpeners, bottle openers, jar openers, auto-shut off and built-in cord storage.