How to find the best toaster

Your mornings are definitely better when you enjoy either a cup of good coffee or tea paired together with a good and brown toast or any other sandwich such as croissants, muffins, and bagels. When you enjoy in your breakfast consisted of a good toast and a cup of coffee or tea, it sets a good mood to anyone during the whole day. That is the reason why so many people invest money in buying quality coffee makers and toasters.

Don’t allow yourself to be left out and buy yourself today a good toaster so you could fully enjoy in your breakfast, even if you are in a bit of hurry. But how can you choose a good toaster? Keep reading on this text…


Types of Toasters

There are many types of toasters which are available for purchase in today’s toaster market. The most popular toaster types are 2 slice toasters and 4 slice toasters. To find out more go to

Besides 2 slice toasters and 4 slice toasters, there are different special toasters such as hot dog makers and egg makers.


2 Slice Toasters and 3 options for purchase

There is/are good reason/s why 2 slice toasters are very popular today. It is because they are able to perform for you in an expert fashion. But that is not the only reason, you see, they will also look as a great addition in your kitchen.

The perks of 2 slice toasters are:

  • Extra wide slots where you put bread
  • Easy-to-use functions
  • Ability to toast various types of bread
  • Consistency in toast making results


If you plan to purchase a 2 slice toaster instead of purchasing some of the 4 slice toasters, then consider purchasing some of the three offered 2 slice toasters available on the market:


  • Cuisinart CPT-122
  • Breville BTA630XL
  • Breville BTA820XL


4 Slice Toasters and 2 options for purchase

4 Slice Toasters are usually very good for use because they sport extra wide slots. If you purchase any of the 4 slice toasters, you will be able to make bagels and other various types of thick bread in the 4 slice toasters.

4 slice toasters will provide you with evenly toasted bagels or bread slices. Usually, these kind of toasters sport a plenty of smart buttons and functions which are designed to make you use these toasters in an easy way.

Also, these kind of toasters are made to look aesthetically pleasing, simple to use, and to be very durable and to last for a lifetime.

If you think a 4 slice toaster is jsut what you need, then look at the three recommendations of this toaster category down below:

  1. Oster Tssttrwf4s

This toaster features defrost function, which is best used for bagels. It enables you light or dark toasting. Features a crumb tray.

  1. KitchenAid KMT423CU

This 4 slice toaster features great and proven durability, attractive metal housing, a digital progress bar and a good-looking LCD display which has a memory of your previous toast shading options, so you don’t have to choose them every time you make yourself a toast.