Do You Need It? The Universal Remote Controller

Slowly as the world progresses we are finding that more and more the world is converging in several ways, people are converging in culture, as global awareness spread, ideas are converging. The world is becoming a melting pot. A similar thing has happened in the world of technology, what were previously separate industries entirely are now converging. For example, TVs in cars, who would’ve thought when henry ford made the first car and carl saggerberg made the first TV that some day the two would actually conjoin in a way to keep the kids entertained in the back of the car on long trips. You see how that works? Well that has happened all over the world. And people are finding that all of it is again converging into their daily lives, there is no more spinning the rotor to start the car, nope, it went form that to a key  to a button to a voice control. This is called converging of control systems. People want to be able to control everything with minimal effort, after all the original goal of technology was to make peoples lives MORE comfortable not more complicated. One of the most incredible results of this is none other than the Universal remote.

Now this thing is the remote that is able to control all of the homes electronic entertainment devices as well as sometimes almost everything electronic. But for the latter case you will often need an elaborate and expensive setup. But I am talking things like you walk in and use the remote to turn on the lights, then use the SAME remote to turn on the cooling and put on some music, and then switch on the it is essentially a very amazing technology like something out of a sci-fi movie however unfortunately the more real truly universal remotes like the one described are often very expensive but you can find a whole range and variety on the market, and there is definitely something that will work for everyone. Check out this site that reviews universal remotes along with other video production technology it has an amazing explanation in more detail of exactly what and how it works and which one is best universal remote 2017 on the market.

Using this thing will make your entertainment experience around one hundred times more pleasurable, believe me. When you are sitting there eating popcorn and a crucial moment comes on in the movie and you suddenly spill coke on yourself, the last thing you want to be doing is looking for the right remote to pause the TV. The universal tv remote really is more of like a central entertainment hub control. It controls many things not just the TV and audio system, depending on the type of tech you have installed in your home and on the type of remote that you buy you can actually sync up not only your TV and sound system but also the LIGHTING and the cooling/heating. Pretty incredible right. Its almost like something from irobot where as soon as you enter you just press a few buttons and the house comes to life. Ofcourse we suspect that the next step of automation will be voice control and artificial intelligence to boot. We can’t wait to review that when it comes out. But that may take another 20 years as artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, being a very hard field overall to research in. However until then you can still enjoy the comfort of a universal TV remote we recommend everyone to atleast once in their life buy a universal tv remote.