3 Tricks to Improve Your Home TV Setup!

Your home entertainment system should be a place you take pride in. Think about it, after all is said and done where do you get your fun and kicks from after a long day at work? That’s right your TV. Doesn’t it make more sense then that you should put more effort in maximizing the home entertainment system you have installed. We here have a few tips and trick for you that will help you with exactly that.

Trick 1.

Now if you want a good home entertainment system it all stats with one thing first. A Good living room. The living room si ultimately where you will come to rest and take delight in watching a movie or tv show. Thus we recommend that your living room should be very spacious, well lit and centrally air conditioned. We can not stress the importance of the second part enough, that is, well lit. You see, research shows that when you focus on a source of light in the dark, and/or from a very close distance less than 5 meters which is often the case in watching TV then slowly over time your eyes begin to get damaged. They start to elongate until you get myopia. So make sure your living room has plenty of windows and contact space with the sun.

Trick 2.

Make sure that you use wooden furniture.  There are lots of fancy furniture available today, gimmicky stuff that is bound to catch your attention when you look for furniture to use in your living room. We are talking about things like bean bag chairs, or beanie chairs as they are called, or foldable sofas and things like that. Well all of that sounds good and looks good but in reality it has been shown by research that plastic furniture increases the risk of cancer for that homes inhabitants by up to 30%, this is critical. Thus this little tip is not just for entertainment but actually for your health too which is paramount. Also wooden furniture has a unique classic look that gives a room such warmth and depth of character that other things do not. Its vital to get wooden furniture.

Trick 3.

Okay so now that you have the right type of room well lit, spacious with the right furniture what is the final of the three tricks to making a great entertainment room? It is… Finding the right electronics. Obviously the heart of your entertainment system will be the TV, the surround sound system, the remote control system and the other electronic adjustments like dimming lights that will just bring your living room to life with the vibe of a true home cinema. We recommend that you first look at which TV set you will buy and make sure that it is the same in colour, AND company if possible to the surround sound system. Samsung and Pioneer in general make great TVs and ofcourse BOSE makes the best sound systems. Once you have this figured out you can centrally hook it up to a central remote control system.

Check out this website called construction stones that tells you all about home renovate in more detail you could get some great ideas on how to renovate the living room from there.


Watch this video to learn how to roughly set up everything else, it is a great overall guide to setting up your home TV system.